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Duration: 24 mins/11 secs
Movie Size: 130 MB
Mail Order Maiden 28 is about Aiwa, a young undersexed guy, who's madly in love with a pretty girl named Kozue. He constantly dreams about her doing all kinds of nasty things to him and does everything he can to go out on a date with her and spend time with her.

Duration: 22 mins/25 secs
Movie Size: 126 MB
A train conductor takes the extra trouble to bring more riders to the rails by initiating the late-night sex train. Before he knows it, the cars are packed with horny men and women. From full-train orgies, to voyeurism, to gang bangs. This is one H-video you shouldn't miss.

Duration: 22 mins/55 secs
Movie Size: 123 MB
Milk Junkies [vol. 1] is all about a shy student with a very troubled past who gets reunited with two sisters that were very happy to look after him. While a number of years have passed and they have all grown up, they are surprised to learn that their lust and passion for each other have not changed.

Duration: 26 mins/08 secs
Movie Size: 122 MB
Private Sessions is a story of a college professor who had an enormous dark desire. In the second episode, the professor continues with his perversions at the college of Secret Maidens, acing out the girls and shoving his throbbing dick in them.

Duration: 24 mins/29 secs
Movie Size: 121 MB
This is a story of Kyoya, a teacher of ocean school, who lost his memory in an accident a few years ago and was taken care by lovely girl named Miyu. Since then Miyu has become the fantasy of Kyoya but the twin sister of Miyu, Yumi, is getting complicated feelings about Kyoya. See how Kyoya deal with his lust for the girls.



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