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Duration: 18 mins/15 secs
Movie Size: 115 MB
When horny students screw behind closed doors, their dirty talk hardens our Professor's lonely cock to desperation. Nasty schoolgirls get him shit-faced drunk and blow his soft dick to humiliate him next day, so he gets back on one of them by stuffing his stiff cock in her mouth and fucking her in both holes!

Duration: 20 mins/07 secs
Movie Size: 111 MB
High school's most popular boy proves his manhood by fucking his schoolmates wherever and whenever he wants: in the park, in the library, in the classroom after school hours. He only does all this to impress (and maybe, just maybe screw) the school's hottest girl!

Duration: 19 mins/12 secs
Movie Size: 123 MB
When Yuna said she'd do anything but be penetrated by her stepbrother Kyosuke, she gets to perform his fantsy perversions -- getting tied up, having a test tube insterted in her butthole, using, different dildos, and even urinating on herself upside-down!

Duration: 22 mins/36 secs
Movie Size: 126 MB
Maniacal cabdriver blackmails twins Rena and Sena into becoming his handy holes for the night. He drills them one at a a time then forces them to lick each other's wet pussies. Finally he spurts his warm cum onto their tired bodies. Then he does it again with other girls!

Duration: 16 mins/13 secs
Movie Size: 109 MB
Horny Hayase teaches virgin 'boy/sexfriend' Takabe the joys of fucking. Later he bangs her in all positions and goes on to satisfy his still hungry cock in the waiting cunts of geeky Kaori and Nurse Taeko!




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